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2008 Keynote address at 8th National Conference of RCI for TCI (India), facilitating a TCI workshop in Bhopal and a TCI workshop for students at Farook College, Calicut, India facilitating a TCI workshop at Innsbruck, Austria facilitating five 2-day workshops for leadership development for BPCL, Kochi, India Facilitating a 3-day workshop for business leaders at Tata Institute for Social Science, Mumbai India 2007 Facilitating five TCI workshops in India and one in Germany. 2004-06 Head for Education at the vocational training institution Neuhof, Birr, Switzerland, a 50% to 70% engagement, member of the board. Head of two small schools and six shops for the vocational training of young adults. 2005-07 Remodeling of the youth hostel in Beinwil am See 2004 Founding of my own firm «Hermann Eppler Architect, Baden» 2004 - Member of RCI for TCI (India), attending all the Annual Assemblies since. The Membership of RCI for TCI (India) in the Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI - international became possible. 2002-05 President of Ruth Cohn Institute for TCI - international, Basel 2001-06 TCI workshops in Switzerland, Siberia, at the TISS and the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam 2001 - birth of the first Grandchild, now (Jan. 08) four boys and two girls 2000 Member of the board of RCI - international, responsible for international relations 2000 Teaching architecture at the Yanbian University of Science and Technology (YUST), Yanji, Jilin Province, China, appointed as Adjunct Professor at the YUST 1995-99 I lead some training seminaries in TCI for teachers in trade schools and other TCI workshops in Switzerland. 1995 Presentation at the IGIP Conference (International Association for Pedagogy for Engineers) in Wolfsburg Germany about a course I was teaching in the University using TCI. 1980-96 Training in Theme Centered Interaction (TCI) according to Ruth C. Cohn. TCI is a method for leading groups, which is very useful for teaching on university level, diploma 1996. During that period, I made also some experiences in the field of „organizational development“, supervision and working with big groups.

1998-99 The relations between Architectural, Computational, and Light design are a new focus in our work at school. 1995-98 Vice-Dean of the school of architecture in Winterthur. 1991 I receive the title Professor at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences 1990 - 91 Remodeling of a old factory hall for the school of architecture, this building gets well known in Switzerland. 1985 First steps with computers in architecture at our school of architecture. I become responsible for the computer lab within our department. There was a lot of resistance among my fellow teachers 1975 Faculty position at the school of architecture at the ZHW, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur (Switzerland) to teach design and construction. It is a part time position, I continue to work in my firm. 1972-92 Co-founder and vice president of the KABZ, an association, which deals with the initial and continuing education of drafts people in our region. Introduction of Training workshops for young professionals from all the architectural firms in our area. 1970 return to Switzerland, founding of the architectural firm Eppler and Luca Maraini, Architects. The buildings and projects of our firm get well known in Switzerland and we become members of the honorable Federation of Swiss Architects and receive several architectural prices and win a number of competitions. Our goal was to design, to construct and to build decent buildings. Buildings, which make sense in every respect: regarding use, form, construction, space in a given situation and considering the necessary sustainability. 1967-69 Living in Boston and Cambridge US, work as an employed architect with Desmond and Lord Inc. Boston. I worked, together with others, on the control tower of Boston Logan International Airport. 1968 married to Herta Joggi, educator and artist, three children 1973, 1975, 1978 1959-66 Federal School of Technology, Zurich (ETH), department of Architecture, Diploma 1966. 1959-67 leader of the local boy scout association 1941 born in Koelliken in the Kanton Aargau, my father is a protestant minister, I am the oldest of for children. Schooling in my home town, High School in Aarau, Matura (technical/scientific type)