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Consulting for Private or Corperate Clients


Facilitating Workshops for Managers

I facilitate workshops in Leadership Development, Human Resource Management, Using Your Own Strengths, Decision Making, Leading yourself and leading others etc.

Collaboration in Project and Building Committees

I am engaged for over fifteen years in the Building Comittee of the "Berufsbildungsheim Neuhof" a Institution for dissocial young people . I never accepted commissions for buildings aqnd remained independent all those years.

Organization of Architectural Competitions

A client can choose from a variety of suitable solution for a given task, if he organizes a competition among several  architects. This gives the client more security in his/her decision process. I can organize such a competition for you.

Engagement in a Jury

The participants in a competition invest a lot of money in the design process of a their competition project and expect therefor, that professionals judge their work submitted. These professionals need the necessary intuition of the needs of the client. My experience allows me to understand both sides and work towards a good decision.

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