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Working together effectively using all our Potentials
Personal Development Workshop
2 days

Our Decisionspace

The members of every group are different. Everyone has her or his strengths. If we can bring those together, then we can work together effectively on our task. We even may reach out to the stars.

To do that, we have to know ourselves first. I need to know, which strengths I possess and which shortcomings I have to live with. This process I must to do myself, with the support of my colleagues.

As soon the required trust in the group is built up, the member of the group are not too shy anymore to show their strengths. If we live our strengths, our weaknesses become unimportant. We work on our tasks in a certain environment under certain conditions. Cultural differences may influence our work, value systems of he society or the company we work in or belong to affect our doing.

In this workshop we will explore and experience our strengths and work together effectively and creatively - and reflect together, what the implications on our work place could be.

My Values and your Values...in our world
Personal Development Workshop
2 or 3 days

Role play

For each of us the values we live with are formed by us in connection with our surroundings, our circumstances and our experiences from the time of our birth. Our parents, relatives, teachers and peers influence these values and so does or did our faith, our school, the community, the company and the society that we belong to. Our experiences in daily life as a manager, an employee, a parent have  contributed to the development of our values as well.

The Company we work for has values of their own. Do my values and the Company values match? Which values are necessary, that we might work together more effectively? Where are our fields of influence, where we have possibilities for change and/or development?

Are values just personal or are there values around which have a broader scope, values which are necessary in order to live together in peace and work together effectively. Based on our values, we construct our world, the way we see and we live in and act in our environment.

This workshop offers means and ways to share our values, to listen to others - maybe to even adjust some of our convictions and  redefine our values.

Utilizing our strengths, being responsible, trusting one another:
the master keys for reaching excellent results together.
Personal Development Workshop
2 or 3 days

Our Strengths become vital!

If our assignments are tailored in such a way, that we all can apply our existing strengths, then there are no motivation gaps, there is no additional motivation necessary. Our strengths are the answers on the question: What we you do easily? Often, we are not aware of what we find easy to do, precisely because it is easy to do. And so we do not know our strengths.

If we as leaders and managers can build or change our businesses in a way, that all people have tasks which are related to there strengths then we are on the right track for success.

In this workshop we will reflect and experience together how we could adapt our organization, our branch, our team so that not the people have to be flexible. This is certainly not an easy task, the improved results will reward us. The participants are asked to bring examples with them to the workshop, that we do not loose the contact to the ground while reaching to the stars.

I am leading myself - and I am leading others!
Personal Development Workshop
2 or 3 days

Discussions in Groups

Leading myself means: to be aware of myself and my internal realities and my outer environment, to take each situation as an opportunity for a decision. After listening to the different inner voices, balancing my varied inner reasons and come to a sound decision - give and take according to how I wish to be responsible for myself and others.

Every human being has a certain decision space. We do not need to response immediately on every stimulus. We can reflect and react response-able. This decision space was formed in my childhood, in my adolescence, at work. The boundaries of this decision space might be expanded.

In this workshop we will look at our decision space to learn more about ourselves in order to reach decisions as responsible as possible. We will train to be aware of our wishes and duties and the wishes and duties of our colleagues as well. We will look at our own strengths and the strengths of others, to take responsible decisions in order to work together effectively.

We cannot not communicate - lets do it respectfully and effectively.
Personal Development Workshop
2 or 3 days

Some fun is also important!

Whenever people see each other, communication starts. No words are necessary, looks and body language. This is the meaning of the sentence of Paul Watzlawick, an originally Austrian researcher "one cannot not communicate!"

We will look at our communication; we will experience and understand it. We will practice communication with and without words. We will look at he different sides of a message and how different people may understand them quite differently, depending how they are listening. Sometimes, we get caught in a vicious circle, reinforcing aspects we really do not want to boost. We will learn about tools to understand existing situations among the people at our work, at home or in society and find steps towards possible solutions.

In this workshop we will explore and experience the variety of our individual communication possibilities and to put them to work effectively and creatively - and reflect together, what the implications at our work place could be.